My name is Kristin and welcome to this space.

K. Marie Yoga is a yoga lifestyle blog where I share my journey to postpartum health and healing through yoga. I’m not a yoga instructor or even a regular practitioner. I am, however, passionate about mindfulness, leading a simple life, and looking for ways to re-balance my body and mind with my outside environment.

At the beginning of every month I post a list of yoga videos, literature, or postures that I’m working on, as well as an update on how it’s going every Sunday after. You can find these goals and reflections on the “blog” tab.

I also post {almost} daily to Instagram with video and photos showing my progress.

If you’re interested in following along on my journey, I’d love to meet you. Please be sure to hit the “follow” button on the sidebar to the right or sign up via email on one of my blog posts.

A little more about me…

  1. My favorite word is love.
  2. My least favorite word is hate.
  3. I’m turned on by my husband’s laugh.
  4. I’m turned off by judgmental people.
  5. I love the sound of rustling leaves.
  6. I dislike the sound of screaming.
  7. My favorite curse word is oh shit.
  8. A profession I’d love to have is yoga instructor / pre & postnatal doula.
  9. I could never be a lawyer or a doctor.
  10. If heaven exists, I’d like to hear God say “well done” when I arrive at the pearly gates.


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